Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Somewhere between Brooklyn and Morningside Heights

My days are spent drifting between Brooklyn and Morningside Heights, the not-so-gentle tug of the commute between home and work that involves one bus and three subway trains. I gave up the high blood pressure angsty drive home at a turtle's pace in Los Angeles for this different demon of daily travel. Now instead of honking at the rest of mankind whilst playing punk rock at top volume in my car, I get to rub up against them on the subway, smelling and touching and seeing all that you would and wouldn't want to see. One could say public transport is just a more intimate way to travel. Honestly, some days I just don't want to get intimate with the rest of mankind. I'd like my own little shielded bubble that would just float me to work in peace, no stress involved. Forget that - I'd actually just rather never have to go into an office again.